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Detox Powder Mask

Detox Powder Mask

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How To Love It: Pout, Mix, Smear, Ahhhhh. Made with 100% Organic Ingredients, our Detox Mask will purify, soothe and clarify your skin. Sayonara acne. See ya later stress!

To use, mix with equal parts of your favorite hydrosol, cream mask, toner or even water! Apply with a mask brush, or using fingertips.  The solution should be a creamy texture- not too runny, and not too thick.

Keep mask on up to 15 minutes.  It is important to keep the mask damp throughout the entire process.  Doing so, will help you to get the most nutrients out of your treatment. Mist every few minutes with your hydrosol, or apply before you shower and allow the steam of the shower to keep the mask damp.

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