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Derma Roller

Derma Roller

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An anti-aging at home device for most skin types. How To Love It: DIY at home micro-needling is a skin care revolution that is here to stay. The Derma Roller empowers you to be in control of your anti-aging and wrinkle correction. Simply roll to micro-exfoliate and encourage your favorite products deeper into the skin.

Micro-needling has quickly become one of the top favorites in the cosmetic industry for anti-aging, acne, stretch marks, you name it! With the right corrective serums, micro-needling will brighten, tightening and improve your skin. 

This DIY micro-needling device is so gentle you can use at-home to gently refine and micro-exfoliate the skin.  This device is the best way to encourage your favorite products deeper into the skin.  Many devices have needles that are deep enough to create discomfort during and after use.  The Lillian Sophia Derma Roller uses a .2mm depth, to be effective, without being painful.  Our stainless steel needles are sturdy and wont dull easily (which can be part of the pain of needling). 

-Reduce fine lines

-Plump your skin (lips too!)

-Firm your skin

-Promote healthy skin regeneration


*Not for use on cystic acne or acne where a white head is present.

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